Those on the Spectrum Might be the Most Misrepresented Group in Today’s Society – About the media’s questionable claims that many autistics are analytically gifted, ignoring the high unemployment rate.

The Challenges and Myths of High-Functioning Autistics

– Same as above, but with different statistics

WrongPlanet Pageview Count hits a Profound All-Time Low due to lack of adequate autism representation – About how the forum Wrong Planet only benefits autistics that can adequately function in society

Autism Speaks’ Rapid Decline – About how Autism Speaks abandoned its original goals, leading to a potential sharp decline in research and traffic

Neurodiversity’s Waning on Wikipedia: Bias and Single-Sidedness – My careful documentation of undue weight of pro-neurodiversity bias on Wikipedia, and how I rectified this matter

David Miedzianik

– an article I wrote for Wikipedia about David Miedzianik, an autistic poet and activist

Visualizing Neurodiversity: Breathing for Treatment – My origins, on what being autistic was like for me and why I decided to pursue a cure

Yuval Levental: Plastic Surgery and Autism

– About what I experienced when I recieved the first botox injection for autism.  Published on a neuroscientist’s blog.

Yuval Levental: Autism and the Pursuit of Knowledge

– Further reports on some strange but beneficial side effects after my first botox injection.

(Updated) Yuval Levental: Plastic Surgery and Autism – The Final Treatment?

– The final treatment I planned but have currently postponed.

Is my form of autism a type of hypokalemic (low potassium) sensory overstimulation?

– How I took potassium supplements to treat my autism

Neurodiversity as seen in the book “In a Different Key”

– My review of some points of “In a Different Key” by John Donvan and Caren Zucker

Paramount Pictures: Do not Produce “Neurotribes”, which is a book about Autism by Steve Silberman, as a Movie

– Criticism of Steve Silberman’s “Neurotribes”